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King shocks are made from the finest materials available to provide years of trouble free service. Our shocks have evolved from pure racing designs so they are able to be tuned and serviced with simple hand tools. Any part on a King shock can be rebuilt or replaced with factory fresh pieces. When the time comes, convenient pre-packaged seal and shim kits as well as wear bands, bearings, shafts and shock oil are just a phone call away. All the parts that go into a King shock are identified below. 

Part Identification Sheet 
1) Top Cap 19) Seal Cap 37) Reservoir Cylinder  55) Wiper Cap Bolts 
2) Top Cap O-Ring 20) Shaft O-Ring 38) Reservoir Piston Wear Band 56) Remote Reservoir Hose 
3) Secondary Nuts 21) Main Seal 39) Reservoir Piston 57) Remote Reservoir Oil End Cap 
4) Secondary Nut O-Ring  22) Main Seal Retainer 40) Remote Reservoir Air End Cap  58) Remote Reservoir End Cap O-Ring 
5) Shock Cylinder  23) Seal Cap O-Ring  41) Schrader Valve  59) Schrader Valve Cap O-Ring 
6) Coil Adjusting Nut  24) Shock Cylinder C-Clip 42) Piggyback Mounting Plate Bolts  60) Schrader Valve Cap 
7) Coil Spring  25) Wiper Cap O-Ring  43) Piggyback Mounting Plate 61) Piston Bleed Screw 
8) Coil Slider 26) Wiper Cap  44) Piggyback Reservoir End Cap Bolts  62) Seal Cap Bleed Screw 
9) Coil Plate 27) Wiper Seal  45) Spacer 63) Bypass Valve 
10) Piston Retaining Nut 28) Set Screw  46) Bearing C-Clips  64) Bypass Spring 
11) Piston Retaining Washer 29) Shock Shaft 47) Spherical Bearing  65) Bypass Valve Stop 
12) Valve Shims  30) Rod End  48) Piggyback Mounting Sleeve O-Rings 66) Bypass Valve Stop Set Screw 
13) Piston Wear Band  31) Coil Adjustment Pinch Bolt  49) Piston O-Ring 67) Bypass Valve Stop O-Ring 
14) Wear Band  32) Piggyback Mounting Sleeve  50) Main Seal C-Clip  68) Bypass Adjusting Nut O-Ring 
15) Base Washer

33) Reservoir C-Clip

51) Wiper Seal C-Clip  69) Bypass Adjusting Nut 
16) Top Out Washer 34) Piggyback Adapter O-Ring 52) Wiper Seal Retainer 70) Bypass Adjusting Screw 
17) Shaft Spacer

35) Piggyback Reservoir Oil End Cap

53) Wiper Seal  71) Bypass Adjusting Jam Nut
18) Shaft Guide / DU Bushing  36) Reservoir O-Rings 54) Wiper O-Ring  

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